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Muck Begone! The Quest to Save Bhalswa Lake

Bhalswa Lake, once so serene,

A tranquil haven, a nature's dream.

But now, a sight that brings us shame,

Polluted waters, a toxic claim.

Once teeming with life, fish and fowl,

A playground for children, a nature's scowl.

But now, a place we dare not tread,

A hazard to health, a sight of dread.

The city's waste, dumped with care,

A disregard for the environment, so unfair.

The lake now choked, with garbage and muck,

A reflection of our apathy, our lack.

But let us not despair, let us not lose hope,

For Bhalswa Lake, there is still scope.

To cleanse its waters, to restore its grace,

And reclaim our lost paradise, our rightful place.

So let us take action, let us unite,

For Bhalswa Lake, let's put up a fight.

For a cleaner future, a greener earth,

And a lake that once again, will bring us mirth.

Written using ChatGPT.

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