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Bhalswa's Fingerprint for a Cleaner Future

The Better Bhalswa initiative has taken a significant stride towards a cleaner and more sustainable future with an engaging waste mapping activity. Designed to raise awareness about the importance of proper waste management, the initiative created an interactive map of Bhalswa in Hindi, displayed at the busy Bhalswa lakefront.

The public was invited to mark areas of concern by leaving their thumbprints, providing valuable spatial data for local authorities to take action. To foster community ownership, the initiative also mobilized a web-based forum, such as a WhatsApp group, for residents to share their waste management concerns and document issues like littering and health hazards.

This waste mapping activity not only increased public awareness but also empowered the community to take action and work towards a cleaner and healthier Bhalswa. The Better Bhalswa initiative will continue to collaborate with the community and local authorities to implement effective solutions and ensure a brighter future for all.

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