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Bhalswa: From Waste to Wow - One Fellow's Quest to Restore a Forgotten Lake

Gunraagh, a member of the team, has been awarded the Water Seekers Fellowship 2021. This prestigious fellowship will allow Gunraagh to explore "Wasted Heritage: Bhalswa at the Intersections of Ecologies and Urbanism" for three months, from October to December 2021. The main focus of the fellowship is to investigate the current state of Bhalswa's landscape, which has deteriorated over time, due to the accumulation of garbage and toxic waste. Once a beautiful and serene lake, Bhalswa was a natural haven for wildlife and locals. However, its current state is hazardous to human health.

Gunraagh aims to research the history of Bhalswa and understand the factors that have contributed to its decline. The fellowship will provide Gunraagh with the opportunity to explore potential solutions for the restoration of Bhalswa to its former glory. During the fellowship, Gunraagh will work closely with mentors Neha Simlai and Sara Ahmed. Together, they will develop a policy brief in collaboration with SPRF India and a visual narrative with Living Waters Museum. By sharing the knowledge and insights gained during the fellowship, they hope to raise awareness about the urgent need to restore Bhalswa Lake.

The research conducted by Gunraagh and their mentors will shed light on the intersections of ecologies and urbanism and the impact of human activity on natural resources. As a young researcher, Gunraagh will make a positive contribution to environmental conservation and sustainable development. The Water Seekers Fellowship provides an essential platform for such researchers to drive positive change.

In the face of increasing environmental challenges, initiatives like the Water Seekers Fellowship play a critical role in fostering innovative research. We wish Gunraagh all the best in their fellowship and hope that their work inspires others to take action towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

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