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How to build a vibration table on budget.

What if we told you that an old car tyre, some plywood, and a small but powerful vibration motor could help reduce landfill waste, air pollution, and provide job opportunities for waste-pickers? That's the innovative solution that's being prototyped in Delhi to create mainstream construction blocks using inert soil from legacy dumpsites.

However, prototyping the material has come with its own challenges, with costs for equipment and machinery eating into grants without any actual proof of concept. That's where the HistoryStones Budget Vibration Table design comes in. By using rudimentary materials, including an old tyre, plywood, and a vibration motor, they have engineered a small but powerful table assembly to help with the first phase of product development.

Making a vibration table on a budget is easy with this design. You will need an old car tyre, 18mm plywood, a small but powerful single-phase vibration motor, nuts and bolts, spring washers, and a power drill. The steps are simple: measure the plywood and rubber tyre, drill through the holes, insert bolts through the plywood and attach them to the tyre with a spring washer, affix the vibration motor in the centre with nuts and bolts, and you're good to go.

Using this design, we have been able to reduce costs and focus on developing a proof of concept for their innovative product. This design is also easily replicable, and affordable costing at just under $100 / ₹8000 to make. The scale also makes it ideal for implementation at domestic scale within informal settlements at Bhalswa.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly way to prototype your ideas, the Vibration Table design is definitely worth considering. With just a few basic materials and a bit of DIY, you could be on your way to creating innovative solutions that make a positive impact on the world.

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