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Synthesising research with outreach enables us to develop solutions and design for change.
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Following an open space concern at Kalandar Colony - the densest informal settlement in the area, our intent was of invigorating lost space.
Our pilot idea was Chhav - a community shed built around existing infrastructure.

This would keep costs low, and craft dignified open space.
Since then, an iterative process has led us to develop tactical solutions for several neglected open spaces, focusing on the community’s access to sanitation and healthcare.
Our initiative for community-driven placemaking and solutions thinking can be extended to Bhalswa’s landscape, with much of its larger open spaces lying unkempt following neglect.
Our aim extends to the landfill itself. While we can’t attempt to take on it just yet, we can advocate towards the cause.
In our attempt to dignify the margins at Bhalswa, is also our concept for public housing as a soft urban insert.

This won us the Students Reinventing Cities Competition by C40 Cities.
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